GO-JEK, Indonesia's leading mobile on-demand services and payment platform, Acquires a BEENOS Investment Company, Midtrans, Indonesia's largest online payment service

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Tokyo, Japan - 15 December 2017 - GO-JEK (https://www.go-jek.com/), Indonesia's leading mobile-based consumer transactional platform, announced that it acquired Indonesia's largest online payment service, PT Midtrans (Midtrans https://midtrans.com/) on XX December. BEENOS currently invests in Midtrans.

Midtrans was founded in January 2012 as a Joint Venture of MidPlaza Group, Veritrans Inc. and BEENOS.
GO-JEK has acquired three of Indonesia’s leading fintech businesses to enable the company to provide a comprehensive payment platform for financial institutions, enterprise and SME merchants as well as banked and unbanked consumers.

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GO-JEK Cementing Its Leadership in Indonesia's Fast-Growing Payments Market
URL : https://www.go-jek.com/blog/go-jek-cementing-its-leadership-in-indonesias-fast-growing-payments-market/

Midtrans is Indonesia’s largest online payment service as it has partnerships with banks, airlines, online marketplaces, E-Commerce businesses and fintech businesses. Midtrans currently works with over 3,000 online merchants processing 18 different local payment methods.

Midtrans has also invested significantly in making online shopping safer by running a fraud risk engine that is utilized by all partners on the platform to play an important role in protecting online consumers and merchants from fraud. Midtrans will use their platform and technology to further strengthen the GO-JEK group’s payment ecosystem.

Indonesia has the largest population in the ASEAN and the population density in the capital sphere has led to a continued problem in road traffic. GO-JEK started a motorbike taxi service in January 2015 which became an instant hit in Indonesia. It has since evolved into a ride-hailing, food delivery and service (massage, housekeeping, etc.) provider to meet the various needs of the Indonesian consumer and continues to grow today. The GO-JEK app has over 60 million downloads and over 100 million transactions per month and is becoming part of Indonesian lifestyle. Part of GO-JEK’s mission is to increase “Financial Inclusion” in Indonesia to stimulate economic growth and improve lives.

Other companies in Indonesia that BEENOS currently invests in include Indonesia’s largest online marketplace Tokopedia, which recently raised funds from Alibaba, etc., and Ralali which operates a B2B marketplace. We will continue to closely monitor Indonesia’s quickly expanding EC marketplace.

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