BEENOS Inc. (TSE Prime: 3328) has released the "BEENOS Cross Border EC x Anime Hit Ranking 2023." Utilizing purchasing data from overseas users, BEENOS, recognized as the leading*1 provider of Cross Border E-Commerce support, presents a list of the most popular anime works and their merchandise that began airing in 2023. This ranking showcases the top-selling products associated with new anime series and new seasons, providing insights into global consumer preferences in the anime sector.

BEENOS Cross Border EC x Anime Hit Ranking 2023 Overview

Eligible Works: The ranking includes new anime works, series, and seasons that premiered between 1 January and 31 December 2023. Any anime works that started broadcasting before 31 December 2022, and continued into 2023 are not considered.

Data Source: The ranking is based on purchasing data from Buyee ( spanning from 1 January to 31 December 2023.



The rise of video streaming services has democratized access to Japanese anime, allowing global audiences to enjoy both historic and current series unrestricted by geography or timing. Fueled by the pandemic and the depreciation of the yen, the cross border E-commerce market has seen significant growth. This expansion has provided opportunities for international anime fans to purchase merchandise from their favorite shows across borders. According to the "Animation Industry Report 2023" by the Japan Animation Association, the market for anime-related goods reached a record high of 2,927.7 billion yen in 2022, with approximately half (1.4 trillion yen) attributable to overseas markets. Anime-related products consistently rank among the most popular categories on Buyee, highlighting robust international demand. This analysis of "anime-related consumption trends" through cross border E-commerce offers valuable insights into the market potential of anime and its global reception.

◆Anime category share in Buyee is 25%, with Latin America as the fastest growing area.

※Anime category share of Cross Border e-commerce purchase amount
In 2023, anime-related goods accounted for 25% of total transactions on Buyee. Latin America emerged as the fastest-growing region in terms of anime-related purchases on the platform. The region saw a 120% increase in purchase value, a 130% rise in the number of unique users, and a 125% growth in the total number of purchases. This significant growth highlights the expanding popularity and market penetration of Japanese anime products in Latin America

※Purchase amount growth rate                ※Growth rate of purchasing UU                          ※Growth rate of number of purchases

BEENOS 2023 Broadcast Animation x Cross Border EC Hit Ranking

 “Pokemon” topped the chart as the most purchased title among international users. This ranking includes around 300 anime-related products that debuted on Japanese TV from January to December 2023. Following closely were "Jujutsu Kaisen" at second place, with "Ensemble Stars!" and "Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)" also making the top five across all regions. This consistent support for the top titles globally underscores the widespread appeal and enduring popularity of these anime series among fans worldwide. 
◆2023 Broadcast Animation x Cross Border EC Hit Ranking by Region
 In regional rankings, “Pokemon” dominated as the top choice in all regions, reflecting its global appeal. Notably, “The Quintessential Quintuplets (Gotobun no Hanayome)” secured the fifth spot, showing particular popularity in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. “Ensemble Stars!” was a favorite in North America and Europe, ranking second. Meanwhile, “Captain Tsubasa,” which has historically been popular in the Middle East, maintained its strong presence by also ranking second in that region. These variations highlight distinct regional preferences and trends in anime popularity.
◆Product Category ranking of Cross Border EC by region
In the merchandise genre ranking across all regions, figures consistently ranked in the top two, underscoring their universal appeal. Notably, in economically stronger regions such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East, trading cards secured the top spot. These items are treasured not only for their collectible value but also as financial assets, reflecting a distinct preference in regions with robust economies.

◆The reality of "simultaneous global consumption" due to the generalization of streaming services
 The advent of streaming services, which has been amplified since the COVID-19 pandemic, has enabled “simultaneous global consumption” of Japanese anime, eliminating the time lag between domestic and international markets. This shift significantly impacts Cross Border e-commerce distribution trends. For instance, "Demon Slayer," which premiered in 2019 before the pandemic, experienced a three-month delay before seeing a rise in merchandise sales. In contrast, "Oshi no Ko," which aired in 2023, saw an immediate increase in distribution coinciding with its broadcast. This trend underscores the reality of simultaneous global consumption, where geographic boundaries no longer delay the international popularity of new works.
◆Survey to explore the anime merchandise purchasing habits of overseas anime fans
In announcing the 2023 Cross Border EC Hit Ranking for broadcast animations, BEENOS conducted an online survey to explore the environment for purchasing anime goods among international fans. The key findings from the survey are as follows.

◆"Buying goods" was the No. 1 way to enjoy anime other than watching it.
Apart from viewing anime, the most popular way for fans to enjoy the genre is by purchasing merchandise. This method of engagement scored over 20 points higher than participating in online activities such as viewing fan art and engaging on social media platforms. This underscores that purchasing goods is a significant aspect of anime fandom globally.

◆In foreign countries, the environment for purchasing anime goods is still limited.
When asked about the availability of character goods in their own countries, the most common response from fans was that while such items are available, they are difficult to obtain. The main challenges identified were the limited number of websites and stores that sell such goods locally, indicating that there are considerable barriers to accessing anime merchandise internationally. This suggests a potential market opportunity for improving the distribution and availability of anime-related products through expanded cross-border e-commerce solutions.

◆Delivering the "same" anime enjoyment as in Japan to overseas fans through Cross Border EC
 The overseas market in the anime industry continues to expand, primarily driven by viewership of anime productions. While the global environment for viewing anime has become nearly uniform, access to anime merchandise varies significantly by country and region. The BEENOS Group has been actively working to enhance its services and expand partnerships to ensure that overseas fans of Japanese content can easily purchase the products they desire without compromise. Through cross border e-commerce, BEENOS is committed to connecting high-quality Japanese cultural content, including anime, with international fans. The goal is to create an environment where fans can enjoy not only viewing anime but also purchasing related merchandise just as they would in Japan.

About the Global Commerce Business Provided by the BEENOS Group
The BEENOS Group launched its international forwarding service,, in 2008, marking the inception of its Cross Border E-commerce operations and has since developed a unique expertise in international shipping and global customer support. Highly regarded for its extensive support for overseas sales, BEENOS has entered in more than 5,000 partnerships*2 of Cross Border e-commerce support for Japanese companies. Its overseas proxy purchasing service, Buyee (, is celebrated for its high level of service, which includes a variety of delivery and payment methods, low international shipping costs through specialized logistics services for North America, Europe, and Asia, and the capability to consolidate purchases from multiple sites. Known for its high customer retention rate, the service currently boasts over 4.78 million members*3.

(*1) Total annual GMV from Japan to overseas for overseas individuals on the No. 1 domestic Cross Border EC site. According to Tokyo Shoko Research (as of May 2021)
(*2) The total number of cases of "Buyee," "Buyee Connect" and dashboard provided by the BEENOS Group, the Cross Border EC-related service " (," support for opening and selling items on overseas marketplaces, and marketing and promotion support. Cumulative total of Cross Border EC support for domestic companies as the BEENOS Group, as of October 2023.
(*3) Figures for "Buyee" and the Cross Border EC related service "" combined, as of the end of June 2023.

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