Corporate Information

  • Q,When was BEENOS established?
  • A,November 1999. Please see Our History for more information.
  • Q,What does BEENOS mean?
  • A,BEENOS is a compound word constructed to literally mean “Beehive”, as we took the English word “Bee” and combined it with the Japanese word for “hive”.
    Bees represent sustainability in the ecosystem through bringing prosperity to everything they co-exist with.
    Like bees, we wish to cross-pollinate and create a platform that connects information, material objects, global businesses and the people of the world.
  • Q,When did BEENOS go public?
  • A,July 2004. Please see Our History for more information.
  • Q,Where can I find more information about the history of BEENOS?
  • A,Please see Our History.


  • Q,What is BEENOS’s stock code?
  • A,The stock code for BEENOS Inc. (formerly netprice.com) is 3328.
  • Q,What is the total number of issued shares for BEENOS?
  • A,12,332,600 Shares (as of 22 November 2017)
  • Q,Does BEENOS have a Shareholder Benefit Program?
  • A,We have started a Shareholder Benefit Program beginning FY 2018. For more information, visit our Shareholder Benefit Program website: https://beenos.premium-yutaiclub.jp/
  • Q,When is your Annual General Stockholders Meeting?
  • A,It is usually held in mid-December. Please refer to our IR Calendar for the latest updates.
  • Q,What is the number of shares per share unit?
  • A,100 Shares as of 1 April 2014

Finances and Financial Summaries

  • Q,Where can I see past financial results?
  • A,Please go to the IR Library section of our Investors Relations page.
  • Q,I’d like to see the trends of your business performance.
  • A,Please look under the Financial Performance section of our Investors Relations page.
  • Q,When is your fiscal year-end?
  • A,September
  • Q,Can I see your IR Schedule?
  • A,Please go to the IR Calendar section of our IR Info page.


  • Q,What does BEENOS aim to achieve?
  • A,Please refer to our About Us page for information on our philosophy.
  • Q,What kind of business does BEENOS do?
  • A,Please refer to our Business Portfolio page for information on our business lineup.

Other Questions

  • Q,Do you have an infrastructure to protect personal information?
  • A,We recognize the handling of personal information on our website as a very important part of our business. We make a concerted effort to use your information appropriately and responsibly. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Q,Who should I contact in regards to IR?
  • A,Please send us an e-mail from our Contact Us page.