Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the BEENOS Group continues to make connections through its services,
we also do our best to do our part to make society a better place.

  • A Multi-National Workplace
    A Multi-National Workplace
    We have an equal opportunity workplace and have employees from 18 countries working in the same office. We use the differences in ethnicity and cultures to innovate our businesses on a global scale to tailor to the different needs of every region. BEENOS has hired employees from countries such as Argentina, Australia, China, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and Vietnam.
    (as of September 2020)
  • Hiring in Rural Areas
    Hiring in Rural Areas
    We have opened offices in rural areas in Japan to acquire high level talent and they contribute from their respective geographic areas. We have opened an office in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka in 2018 and have hired employees locally.
  • Improvement of Work-Life Balance
    Improvement of Work-Life Balance
    We have implemented a flextime system for our employees so they can better coordinate their personal life with their work life by altering their work hours. We also hold a "Family Day" for our employees to bring their families to the office so that they can better understand the type of work their family member is doing. We continue to think of ways to improve the work-life balance of our employees.
  • Measures to Improve Health
    Measures to Improve Health
    We have been recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a company within the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition (Large Enterprise Category) Program, with the exception of a few of our subsidiaries. We believe that our employees' physical and mental health is imperative for the company's growth. The company sells health products such as "Sunshine Juice" and "Office Okan" at discounted rates for employees. We also hire instructors to hold Yoga and Kick Boxercise classes at our office.
  • Charity and Environmental Practices
    Charity and Environmental Practices
    We have a wagon, the "Thanks Wagon", that sells fruits, snacks and coffee in the office. Products sold on the wagon include requests by employees as well as healthy fruits and snacks. A portion of the sales is donated to charity. We also have a box to collect bottle caps which, when recycled, also donates to causes that help reduce carbon emissions.