Our History


  • 2020.06
    Established BEENOS Marketing Asia Inc., a global marketing business that operates a Taiwanese marketing platform called "BAKUMO"
  • 2020.02
    Established BEENOS Entertainment Inc. that assists in the digital transformation of companies in the entertainment industry


  • 2019.12
    Established Beenos Travel Inc., an inbound tourism company that operates media websites for inbound tourists to Japan with the main focus on "Travel Bar" , as a subsidiary
  • 2019.03
    Established FASBEE Inc., a joint venture company to operate a Cross Border EC service specializing in fashion, with Fashion-Co-Lab. Co., Ltd.


  • 2018.03
    Acquired JOYLAB, inc. (formerly teikokushuhan Co. Ltd.) a company that purchases and resells alcoholic beverages, as a subsidiary


  • 2017.10
    Established BeeCruise Inc., a subsidiary specializing in the development of new businesses


  • 2016.12
    Acquired SWATi inc., a company that designs and manufactures novelty goods, as a subsidiary
  • 2016.10
    Changed our listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the First Section
  • 2016.08
    Defactostandard, Ltd., a BEENOS consolidated subsidiary that provides a brand-name product buyback service on the internet, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Section


  • 2015.12
    Switched to a company with an Audit & Supervisory Committee for business management to be more transparent by intensifying the Board of Directors’ auditing and oversight while further enhancing its corporate governance and with the aim to increase its corporate value
  • 2015.11
    Founded TAIWAN TENSO, INC. to be the international hub for Customer Support and Marketing operations for tenso, inc.
  • 2015.02
    Defactostandard, Ltd. formed a business and capital alliance with ITOCHU Corporation to further the market expansion for the brand-name product buyback service “Brandear” and to help each other’s endeavor to grow internationally


  • 2014.10
    Company name officially changed to BEENOS Inc. with the intent to strive to become like honeybees (BEE) and create a “Platform for the People” that connects entrepreneurs, businesses, people and products


  • 2013.12
    Formed capital business alliance with Digital Garage in order to discover and deploy businesses abroad
  • 2013.07
    Began the BEENOS program, a program which invests and cultivates startups
  • 2013.01
    Established BEENOS Asia Pte. Ltd., a corporation local to Singapore, which invests in businesses residing in emerging nations


  • 2012.11
    Established FORii, Inc., an educational app content creating business
  • 2012.05
    Established BEENOS Partners, Inc., a venture capital investing in American startups
  • 2012.02
    Established monosense, Ltd. (a retail licensing company) via company split from netprice.com, Ltd.


  • 2011.09
    Established Open Network Lab, Inc. with Digital Garage
  • 2011.05
    Established ShopAirlines Europe B.V. as a new European headquarter
  • 2011.04
    Began Startup Accelerator program Open Network Lab with Digital Garage and Kakaku.com


  • 2008.07
    Set up tenso, inc.(former Tenso.com, Inc.) to engage in another new overseas-related business
  • 2008.04
    Relocated headquarters to Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


  • 2007.12
    Established ShopAirlines America, Inc., the company that manages global shopping service sekaimon, through business alliance with eBay, Inc.
  • 2007.08
    ShopAirlines launched ShopAirlines America, Inc. (a consolidated subsidiary) in Silicon Valley.
  • 2007.06
    Established auction media business aucfan.com through Defactostandard, Ltd.
  • 2007.04
    Established global shopping business ShopAirlines
  • 2007.02
    Became a Holdings Company with the intention of business expansion. Changed name to netprice.com. Gathering is succeeded to child company netprice (the consolidated subsidiary).


  • 2006.03
    Acquired shares in Defactostandard, Ltd., an auction price comparison service provider that collaborates with auction media around the world


  • 2004.07
    Listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 2004.03
    Expanded and relocated headquarters to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


  • 2000.09
    Launched the Chibi-gather, a mobile e-Commerce service for NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode- terminals to lead the development of the mobile Internet market based on Internet access via mobile phone handsets
  • 2000.03
    Launched Japan’s first online group buying service branded as “Netprice Gathering”


  • 1999.12
    Company established at Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo with the objective of facilitating electronic commerce on the Internet