Tokyo, Japan - 8 December 2023 - BEENOS Inc.  (BEENOS) is venturing into the logistics outsourcing market with an innovative service. This new global logistics solution, based on volumetric billing, is designed to simplify complex logistics processes for Japanese companies and facilitate easy international shipping, accommodating even small lot shipments.
 This service, operated by BEENOS's wholly owned subsidiary, tenso, inc., known for its Cross Border E-Commerce (CBEC) proxy purchasing services, will be launched in partnership with various shipping companies. It is tailored to assist Japanese brands and businesses in expanding their global footprint through e-commerce-driven exports and increasing inbound consumption.
BEENOS Global New Logistics Service Overview:

Features of BEENOS’s New Volumetric Global Logistics Service
 BEENOS's new global logistics service, leveraging volumetric billing and developed in collaboration with shipping companies, caters to E-Commerce businesses and those looking to ship products internationally. The service offers comprehensive logistics support, encompassing:

1. Competitive Shipping and Warehousing: Benefiting from years of development, providing cost-effective rates and warehouse functionalities.
2. No Fixed Costs: Ideal for economical small lot shipments, eliminating the burden of fixed expenses.
3. Flexibility for Transactions: Suitable for both B2C E-Commerce and B2B dealings.
4. International Shipping Solutions: Addresses various challenges, including deliveries for inbound tourists and duty-free counter services.
5. Export Support Services: Assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of international exports.
6. Tailored Logistics Solutions: Customizing logistics strategies based on a detailed analysis of operational needs. 

Background of New Volumetric Global Logistics Service
 Since 2008, the BEENOS Group has been a pioneer in facilitating CBEC sales for domestic Japanese E-Commerce platforms, beginning with its package forwarding service, "" Committed to the globalization of Japan's entire E-Commerce sector, BEENOS has effectively eliminated challenges related to language, payment, and logistics, providing all-encompassing solutions. The Group's services, including the proxy purchasing service "Buyee" and "Buyee Connect," have successfully aided over 5,000 cases*1 of domestic companies in navigating the CBEC landscape.

 A key advantage of BEENOS's Global Commerce Business lies in its competitive logistics network and shipping costs. Striving to offer a seamless shopping experience that transcends international boundaries, BEENOS has consistently improved its logistics capabilities. This enhancement involves forming partnerships with companies less impacted by global situations, crafting unique logistics services that align with regional cultures and providing competitive shipping rates, bolstered by its extensive distribution across 116 countries and regions.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has notably expedited digital transformation (DX), while the yen's depreciation has further propelled the growth of CBEC among Japanese companies. A 2022 survey by JETRO on the international business expansion of Japanese companies revealed that 35.5% are engaging in CBEC, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) exhibiting higher utilization and future intent compared to larger corporations. Nevertheless, there are notable hurdles, such as intensified competition for international shipping due to increased fuel costs, inflation-induced labor expenses and the rising need for international logistics driven by the emergence of CBEC businesses globally. Overcoming these logistics challenges is essential for Japanese companies, regardless of their size, to effectively tap into international markets.

 BEENOS is capitalizing on its extensive CBEC knowledge and formidable logistics infrastructure to introduce a volumetric-based new global logistics service. This initiative is designed to tackle the prevalent international shipping and logistics challenges encountered by Japanese companies. The strategy revolves around fostering a cycle of fresh demand by granting domestic companies access to its sophisticated and well-established logistics network. This approach is expected to drive market expansion and spur economic growth by catalyzing increased international demand. The primary objective of this endeavor is to bolster the capacity of Japanese businesses to penetrate global markets more efficiently.

Operations Handled by New Volumetric Global Logistics Service
 BEENOS's new volumetric global logistics service encompasses a comprehensive range of operations, including warehousing, international shipping preparation (inclusive of materials without size variation), documentation and customer support. Customers have the option to store their products in advance at BEENOS’s facilities or deliver them to its warehouse upon receiving orders. Utilizing system integration for order processing, BEENOS aims to achieve the shortest possible shipment time. Once the products are dispatched, customers are provided with tracking numbers to monitor their shipments.

【Service Image】

■ Details of New Volumetric Global Logistics Service by BEENOS

■ Contact Information for those who wish to use the Service
For those who wish to use the Service, contact BEENOS from the following URL:

■ Call for Delivery Partners
BEENOS is actively seeking delivery service providers to join as partners. Companies interested in a collaboration are encouraged to contact BEENOS from the following URL:

About BEENOS’s Global Commerce Business
 Since launching the package forwarding service "" in 2008, the BEENOS Group has developed a specialized skill set in global customer support and international shipping operations. The Group's capabilities extend beyond setting up sales environments overseas; it also offers user acquisition and marketing support, earning a reputation for comprehensive international sales assistance. BEENOS's track record in aiding domestic companies with cross-border e-commerce is impressive, with over 5,000 cases to date.

 Customers value BEENOS for its variety of shipping and payment methods, cost-effective international shipping rates enabled by specialized logistics services targeting North America, Europe and Asia, and the option to consolidate purchases from multiple sites. With a user base exceeding 4.78 million members*2, BEENOS has recorded the highest CBEC GMV in Japan for both 2020 and 2022*3. This success underscores BEENOS's significant role in broadening the international reach of Japanese companies.
*1 The combined support cases for "Buyee," "Buyee Connect," and "" as of December 2022.
*2 The combined membership for "Buyee" and "" at the end of September 2022.
*3 As reported by Tokyo Shoko Research in June 2023, for the annual GMV from Japan to international individual customers from October 2021 to September 2022 of major CBEC services in Japan.

【About BEENOS】
Company Name: BEENOS Inc.
Representative: Shota Naoi, President and Group CEO
Location: 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: November 1999
Capital: 2,775 million JPY