Our Executives

President and Group CEO
Shota Naoi

Shota Naoi joined BEENOS in 2008 as a member of the CEO’s office to help found tenso, inc. (formerly Tenso.com, Inc.). He was appointed to CEO of tenso, inc. in 2012 and has led the “From Japan” Cross Border Business. Shota was appointed President and Group CEO of BEENOS in 2014 and has since led the Group’s new growth strategy in the Cross Border Business with the aim to create synergy within the group and with businesses we have invested in to create a global platform that connects Japan with the world.

Vice President and Group CFO
Koji Nakamura

Koji Nakamura joined BEENOS as Corporate Auditor in 2003. He was appointed CEO of Netprice Finances in 2004 and integrated BEENOS’s administrative division in 2006. He was appointed Executive Director and Group CFO in 2012 and now presides over the administration of the Group.

Koji started his career in 1990 with Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. and has helped over ten companies with their IPO. From 1996 he versed himself in internet ventures and started a consulting business in 2001 where he helped business turnarounds and aided in public listings.

Taku Takeuchi

Taku Takeuchi joined BEENOS in 2000 as the Chief Technical Officer to help develop the foundational structure of BEENOS’s business. He was appointed CEO of Defactostandard, Ltd. in 2007 and developed the product buy back service “Brandear” to be the leading service in the industry. He was appointed Director in 2009 and CEO of ShopAirlines, Ltd. in 2014 where he currently leads the “To Japan” Global Shopping Business. Prior to BEENOS, Taku worked at NTT Data as a developer for new businesses.

Kenichi Sento

Kenichi Sento joined BEENOS to create a new mobile service in 2006. He then later developed products that collaborated with manufacturers, celebrity production offices and the media. He incorporated the business in 2012 as monosense, Ltd. where he acted as the CEO. He was appointed Director in 2014 and led the Retailing and Licensing Business until 2019. He was appointed President and CEO of Defactostandard, Ltd. in December 2019.

External Director and Executive Auditor
Yasukazu Joho

Yasukazu Joho joined BEENOS in 2006 as an Auditor and was appointed External Director (Full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee Member) in 2015. Prior to BEENOS he had worked at Daiei, Inc. since 1979 and was the Director of the Finance Department and PR/IR Department as of 2005. He uses his rich background and expertise in finances to improve corporate health and transparency, and contributes to the fortification of our Corporate Governance.

External Director and Auditor
Kibo Kondo

Kibo Kondo joined BEENOS in 2000 and was appointed External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) in 2015. He established his own CPA firm in 1996 and later founded ZEON Consulting Co., Ltd. to provide a high quality and more specialized tax service in 2000 where he currently serves as the CEO. His high level experience as a CPA helps improve corporate health and transparency, and contributes to the fortification of our Corporate Governance.

External Director and Auditor
Yoshindo Takahashi

Yoshindo Takahashi joined BEENOS as an Auditor in 2000 and was appointed External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) in 2015. He started his career in 1962 with Nomura Securities, Co. Ltd. and transferred to Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. upon its establishment in 1966 and worked his way up to Vice President in 1994. He currently holds a position at Executive Partners Inc. as a Corporate Adviser where he has been since 2000. He utilizes his vast experience and knowledge in all aspects of corporate management to improve corporate health and transparency, and contributes to the fortification of our Corporate Governance.

Senior Executive Officer
Eizo Miyasaka

Eizo Miyasaka joined BEENOS in 2008 and participated in the founding of tenso, inc. He was appointed as a director that same year and contributed greatly in growing the Cross Border EC business as the No. 1 company in the industry. He was appointed manager of BEENOS’s CEO’s Office as of 2018. He was appointed as Senior Executive Officer in 2019 and oversees the Recruiting, PR and Secretary sections of BEENOS.

Eizo started his career in 1998 at a major apparel manufacturing brand in foreign licensing. He later switched to a consulting firm as a consultant and in 2005 contributed in the startup of a US fitness chain business in Japan.

Executive Officer
Hisanori Matsuda

Hisanori Matsuda joined BEENOS in 2011 to support the Group’s growth from the accounting side of business by handling the financial statements of subsidiaries, consolidating statements and creating public releases. He has led the Group’s entire accounting and finances when he was appointed Head of the Accounting and Finance Office. He was appointed Executive Officer in 2014 and is in charge of Accounting and Finance, Corporate Management and Investor Relations. Prior to BEENOS Hisanori was in an auditing firm since 2007 working in legal audit, due diligence and IPO support.

Executive Officer
Takashi Otsuki

Takashi Otsuki joined BEENOS in 2013 as a part of the Corporate Planning Division. He was appointed to Head of the BPR Office in 2014 and became versed in management through evaluating internal control and IT structures. He was appointed Executive Officer in December 2016 and manages the administration of HR, Labor and IT Offices. Takashi started his career in 2000 with Fujitsu Business Systems (currently Fujitsu Marketing Limited) working in accounting and BPR. He joined Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. in 2008 and worked on internal control and performance auditing.

Executive Officer
Taiyo Kasamatsu

Taiyo Kasamatsu joined BEENOS after finishing his bachelor’s degree in 2010 and was assigned to ShopAirlines, Ltd. He took part in a wide range of responsibilities from customer service to the planning of new services. He was promoted to Manager of Marketing in 2015. He transferred to BEENOS’s CEO’s Office in 2018 as the Manager of the Recruiting section and constructed a branding strategy in BEENOS’s recruiting process, designed a system that transcends the Group and maintains the environment of the office. He was appointed as Executive Officer in 2019 overseeing the sector in charge of domestic and international investments.

Executive Officer
Hayato Kamei

Hayato Kamei started at BEENOS as a part time employee for tenso, inc. in 2013 after he finished his degree at law school. He took part in the customer service for Buyee since its inception. He transferred to the Office of Legal Affairs of BEENOS in 2014 where he started taking care of the legal affairs of the Group. He was promoted to Manager of the same Office in 2018. The Office of Legal Affairs oversees all legal matters the Group encounters when trying to expand their services on a global scale and creating new businesses. He will continue to oversee the Legal sector of the Group as Executive Officer as of 2019 and will aim to improve the Group’s compliance functional capabilities.

Teruhide Sato

Teruhide Sato participated in the founding the Japanese subsidiary of the US payment company Cyber Cash (now VeriTrans) while he was a student in Keio University SFC. He assumed the role of President and CEO of BEENOS in 2000. In 2014, Teruhide handed the CEO position over to Shota Naoi and currently serves as a Founder and continues to provide support and growth opportunities for CEO’s within the BEENOS Family both domestic and abroad. The World Economic Forum elected him as a “Young Global Leader” in 2008. Teruhide continues to connect with E-Commerce and online payment businesses in emerging countries to continue to strengthen the BEENOS network among entrepreneurs across the globe.

Hironori Maeda

Hiro Maeda joined BEENOS as an overseas investor. He currently invests in over 100 companies across the globe. In 2010, he launched the startup accelerator program “Open Network Lab” in partnership with Digital Garage and Kakaku.com. He was appointed as Executive Officer and Director of the Incubation Department in April 2013. He switched to Advisor in April 2015 and now offers support in mainly US investments. He was named as one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia” in the venture capital division in 2016.