Company Profile

Company Name BEENOS Inc.
Headquarters Gotenyama Trust Tower 7F, 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan
Telephone Number +81-3-5739-3350
Date of Establishment 25 November 1999
Capital 2,775 Million JPY (as of 30 September 2023)
Representative President and Group CEO: Shota Naoi
Management Director and Executive Managing Officer: Kenichi Sento
Director, Executive Officer and CSO: Taisuke Miura
External Director: Naofumi Nishi
External Director and Executive Auditor: Yasukazu Joho
External Director and Auditor: Kibo Kondo
External Director and Auditor: Yoshindo Takahashi
External Director and Auditor: Haruka Osawa
Executive Managing Officer: Yoshikazu Tamaya
Executive Managing Officer: Sei Sato
Executive Managing Officer and CBO: Taiyo Kasamatsu
Executive Officer and CHRO: Eizo Miyasaka
Executive Officer and CFO: Hisanori Matsuda
Executive Officer and CRMO: Takashi Otsuki
Executive Officer and CLAO: Hayato Kamei
Executive Officer and CTO: Akihisa Urushibara
Executive Officer and CCO: Eri Horitomo
Employees 943 (Including subsidiaries as of 30 September 2023)
Business Type Domestic and International E-Commerce
Group Businesses tenso, inc.(formerly, Inc.)
(Overseas Package Forwarding and Proxy Purchasing Business)
Shop Airlines, Ltd.
(Global Shopping Business)
Defactostandard, Ltd.
(Apparel Reuse Business)
JOYLAB, inc.(formerly teikokushuhan Co. Ltd.)
(Liquor Mediation Business)
BeeCruise Inc.
(Development of New Businesses)
(Cross Border Fashion EC Business)
BEENOS Travel Inc.
(Inbound Business focusing on the operation of media websites for inbound tourists to Japan)
BEENOS Entertainment Inc.
(Entertainment Digital Transformation Business)
BEENOS Marketing Asia Inc.
(Global Marketing Business)
(Cross Border HR Platform Business)
BEENOS Partners, Inc.
(Startup Studio, Venture Capital and Incubation Business)
BEENOS Asia Pte. Ltd.
(Investment and Incubation Business Specialized in Emerging Countries)
ONL Co.,Ltd.
(Entrepreneurship Support/Investment Business)
Metro Engines Inc.
(Demand Prediction and Dynamic Pricing Business)
Shareholders 7,419(as of 30 September 2023)
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Gotenyama Trust Tower 7F, 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan

10 min walk or 5 min bus ride (free) from Shinagawa Station (Takanawa Exit) using Shinkansen, JR Lines or Keikyu Line
3 min walk from Kita-Shinagawa Station using Keikyu Line
20 minute walk from Gotanda Station using JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line or Asakusa Line