Company Profile


Company Name BEENOS Inc.
Headquarters Gotenyama Trust Tower 7F, 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan
Telephone Number +81-3-5739-3350
Date of Establishment 25 November 1999
Capital 2,775 Million JPY (as of 20 January 2017)
Representative President and Group CEO: Shota Naoi
  • Executive Director and Group CFO: Koji Nakamura
  • Director: Taku Takeuchi
  • Director: Kenichi Sento
  • External Director and Executive Auditor: Yasukazu Joho
  • External Director and Auditor: Kibo Kondo
  • External Director and Auditor: Yoshindo Takahashi
  • Senior Executive Officer: Eizo Miyasaka
  • Executive Officer: Hisanori Matsuda
  • Executive Officer: Takashi Otsuki
  • Executive Officer: Taiyo Kasamatsu
  • Executive Officer: Hayato Kamei
Employees 763 (Including subsidiaries as of 30 September 2019)
Business Type Domestic and International E-Commerce
Group Businesses
  • tenso, inc.(formerly, Inc.)
    (Overseas Forwarding and Proxy Purchasing Business)
  • Shop Airlines, Ltd.
    (Global Shopping Business)
  • Defactostandard, Ltd.
    (Apparel Reuse Business)
  • JOYLAB, inc.(formerly teikokushuhan Co. Ltd.)
    (Alcohol Purchase and Vending)
  • monosense, Ltd.
    (Producing and Licensing Business)
  • BeeCruise Inc.
    (Development of New Businesses)
  • FASBEE Inc.
    (Cross Border Fashion EC Business)
  • BEENOS Travel Inc.
    (Inbound Business focusing on the operation of media websites for inbound tourists to Japan)
  • BEENOS Entertainment Inc.
    (Entertainment Digital Transformation Business)
  • BEENOS Marketing Asia Inc.
    (Global Marketing Business)
  • BEENOS Partners, Inc.
    (Startup Studio, Venture Capital and Incubation Business)
  • BEENOS Asia Pte. Ltd.
    (Investment and Incubation Business Specialized in Emerging Countries)
  • DG Incubation, Inc.
    (Entrepreneurship Support/Investment Business)
Main Shareholders
  • Teruhide Sato
  • Digital Garage, Inc.
Shareholders 5,853 (as of 30 September 2019)
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