Message from the CEO

“Bringing smiles and new possibilities to the world”
We work on the front lines to create
new markets and platforms on a global scale.

BEENOS let out its first cry at the predawn of the Information revolution in 1999. We continue to evolve along with the internet and information technology.
Our main focus in recent years has been in our “Cross Border E-Commerce Business.” We take pride in our business domain to create a bi-directional service that allows products to be sold and shipped between Japan and the rest of the globe.

Furthermore, through our “Incubation Business” we have continued to take the initiative to invest in businesses that have potential to grow in marketplaces that are anticipated to become the “next China.” We currently invest in approximately 80 companies throughout 11 different countries.

Our next objective is to cross-section our business assets and connect customers with products across the globe as well as entrepreneurs from any country with the expertise to succeed under a model that is focused around our “Cross Border E-Commerce Business.”

The smiles on the faces of our customers worldwide are what drives us to take on new challenges. We aim to create new businesses and services using the internet to contribute in making a better world.

We live in a world where change is constantly around us, not only in the internet marketplace. The BEENOS Group will continue to go forward against the tides and currents of this generation to work as bees that connects “people”, “products” and “information” across the world.
We will make a concerted effort to bring new possibilities and grow into a globally innovative Group. We thank you for your continued support.
BEENOS Inc. President and Group CEO Shota Naoi