Message from the CEO

Increasing the world's possibilities by connecting people and information and everything in between

BEENOS was created in 1999 at the dawn of the internet revolution as an IT venture company in domestic E-Commerce. It has since evolved along with the internet. Furthermore, we have set our eyes on the growing Asian market over the past decade.

Our "Global Commerce Business" is our focal business as it bilaterally exports and imports goods between Japan and the world. We are one of the largest supporters of cross border business in Japan. We also invest in about 70 companies across 9 countries in our "Incubation Business" where we have focused our investment efforts in emerging countries that have the potential of becoming the "Next China." Our early efforts have helpd us developed our own network in these countries.

As we have seen the growth of Global Commerce, we have can say with certitude that people are longing for connections. As the internet becomes more globally prevalent and information is spread across the globe in realtime, people across the globe want the latest technology, products and contents as soon as possible.

The BEENOS Group works tirelessly to use what we learn from our partners and colleagues in other countries and adapt it to the rich Japanese traditions and culture that we have to offer and create new opportunities in technology, networking and global commerce on a global platform for people of all ages and colors to enjoy and utilize.

BEENOS's company has the term "Bee" in it so we can be like the bees to "pollinate" people and information and everything in between throughout the world. We thank you for your continued support.

Shota Naoi, BEENOS Inc. President and Group CEO