Disclosure Policy

BEENOS, Inc. (BEENOS) aims to provide investors and shareholders with transparent, unbiased and continuous information as quickly as possible. We intend to share information pertinent to the company actively and in a timely manner in addition to information that need to be disclosed per the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as the disclosure regulations set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Please note that the Japanese text shall prevail in case of any variance between translated releases and the original Japanese text. Furthermore, not all releases will be translated into English.

Information Release Method

All Japanese releases that fall under the disclosure regulations will be released via the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) system. All released information will be promptly uploaded to the IR page as well. We also aim to provide investors and shareholders with other unbiased and accurate information and documents that are not required by disclosure regulations.

Regarding Future Outcomes

BEENOS may disclose information forecasting future earnings in addition to those submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information regarding plans, forecasts and strategies may also be included in news releases, results briefings, analyst meetings, etc. Such disclosed information is given under the discretion of the management team, but may contain uncertainties or other risks. Please keep in mind that actual results may stray from forecasts for various reasons.

Quiet Periods

BEENOS has set quiet periods to prevent the divulging of corporate information and to maintain fairness. Quiet periods for BEENOS are from the day after the close of a quarter until the Financial Summary for that quarter is released. Generally speaking we refrain from answering questions on our financial statements and commenting on any other relevant information. However, information may be released if we conclude that there is pertinent information for the decision making of investors and shareholders during this period.