Business Portfolio


We are leading the Cross Border E-Commerce industry between Japan and the world. We tear down the barriers any business would face when taking their business globally (language, payments, logistics, etc.). We have shipped goods to 118 countries and regions worldwide and have even expanded into foreign marketplaces with the hopes of creating a sales channel that encompasses the entire globe.


We are incorporating technology into the secondary distribution of luxury and pre-owned goods and have created a platform business where such distribution takes place. We use both analog and digital methods to appraise and purchase items and list them on multiple marketplaces worldwide. We stimulate the cycling of value by utilizing our strengths in commerce and the global network.


We are breaking barriers so that Japanese entertainment providers can more easily provide their contents abroad as we supply a platform to assist in DX and globalization. We provide a multitude of services to people and businesses that have brands and IP in music, anime, manga, etc. including the development of merchandise, the construction and operation of EC sites, marketing tools towards fans, event support solutions, etc.


We are redefining travel through our travel media site, Travel Bar. Foreign users are able to search for information regarding their destination, including time schedules. We relay the insights to Japanese businesses so they can in turn properly tailor and market their services and merchandise for these foreign users to better convey the beauty of Japan and its culture to further accelerate the growth of inbound tourism to Japan. We hope to evolve the service to a point where all information gathering, planning and reservation bookings can all be done on a single travel platform.


We are creating new opportunities as we create new businesses and invest in startups globally. Our new businesses use the expertise we have gained through our past endeavors to create new opportunities. Our investment business uses the network we have established to invest in over 70 startups in 9 countries, with a focus on ASEAN, as we stand on the global platform frontier to connect Japan with the world.