BEENOS Establishes BeeCruise Inc., a Subsidiary Specializing in the Development of New Businesses

This is a translation of the original Japanese release. The Japanese text shall prevail in case of any variance between this version and the Japanese text.

Tokyo, Japan – 30 October 2017 – BEENOS Inc. (BEENOS) announced the establishment of BeeCruise Inc. (BeeCruise), a new subsidiary aimed to be a catalyst for the growth of existing subsidiaries and to develop new businesses. It is fully funded by BEENOS and was established on 30 October 2017.

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  1. Background of the Establisihment of BeeCruise
    BEENOS’s core businesses focus on Cross Border E-Commerce. “tenso.com” and “Buyee” offer services for Japanese domestic EC sites to expand their market internationally by allowing products to be shipped overseas. Consumers in Japan are able to purchase foreign products through the international online marketplace, eBay, through a service called “Sekaimon” that also offers language, payment and distribution services.

    BeeCruise has been established to be a catalyst for the growth of these subsidiaries, to increase the synergy within the BEENOS Group and to use our expertise in global expansion to develop and incubate new businesses that will increase BEENOS’s corporate value.

  2. Subsidiary Profile
    1. (1)Company NameBeeCruise Inc.
    2. (2)RepresentativeCEO Shota Naoi
    3. (3)Location4-7-35, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
    4. (4)Date of Establishment30 October 2017
    5. (5)Description of BusinessDevelopment of New Businesses
    6. (6)Fiscal YearSeptember
    7. (7)Capital50 Million JPY
    8. (8)Number of Authorized Shares10,000 shares
    9. (9)Shareholder DistributionBEENOS Inc. 100%

【Contact Information Regarding this Release】
BEENOS Inc. Public Relations