Sustainability Sustainability


Countermeasures to climate change


We will take all necessary actions to accomplish the following:
・Calculate the Group’s greenhouse gas emissions by FY2023
・Set specific reduction targets for carbon dioxide emissions by FY2023


Set specific measures by 2023

The efficient use of resources


We will aim to accomplish the following to use resources efficiently and become more environmentally friendly:
・Switch all packaging materials to be made out of recyclable or biodegradable materials by FY2025
・Reduce the disposal of merchandise in the apparel reuse business to 0 by FY2030


Brandear, a BEENOS Group service, is proactively reducing the amount of waste it produces by donating and reusing its waste material. We will assess the status of the other companies and services within the Group.

The “0 Waste Project” currently being conducted by Defactostandard, Ltd.

There is a significant amount of products that cannot be purchased, for various reasons, by Brandear and subsequently become waste by request of the customer that we need to dispose of.
We accrue about 4 tons of waste per month. It is our goal to reduce the amount of waste to 0 through our “0 Waste Project” by finding ways to make use of the waste as resources.
As of July 2021, we have reduced our waste output by approximately 60%. We have been able to do so through the following measures:
・Supply them to customers as fabric to be remade
・Donate them to schools as teaching aids along with lecturing students about material waste
・Offer them to PANECO®, a company that makes fiberboards, to create boards and panels to be used in brick-and-mortar stores