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Sustainability Top Message
BEENOS has identified 8 material sustainability issues including “the efficient use of resources,” “countermeasures to climate change” and “development of the Asian region” to help realize a sustainable society that will “provide hope for a better tomorrow.”

BEENOS has worked to create platforms and information ecosystems both domestically and internationally to connect people, products and information across the globe. We have grown to a point where we can aim for a more hopeful society through our contributions to the growth of global distribution.
Our “Global Commerce Business” transcends international borders to allow people to purchase products from a foreign country and has become our focal business. We are currently one of Japan’s largest players and support the international penetration of many partners.

The world has a multitude of agendas that need to be addressed including climate change, human rights, poverty, etc. We believe that it is important for us to be conscious of our impact on the earth’s climate as our global transactions continue to grow.
There have been debates on whether these measures to create a sustainable society goes against capitalistic business practices. However, we have learned through our experiences and growth as a company that stronger growth could be achieved by working hand-in-hand with our global partners as we share our expertises with one another and work together on a foundation built by trust.
We have a firm conviction that as each business strengthens their specialty in their line of expertise and creates partnerships and networks that will mutually benefit each other, we will be able to build a sustainable society through the mutual trust of all stakeholders.

As we “provide hope for a better tomorrow,” we believe that this hope will change into the potential of growth that leads to a sustainable society.
The hope for a growing economy. The hope for positive changes to the world’s problems. We submit that this is what defines a sustainable society if every person can have these hopes.

BEENOS will commit to face the issues that come from our business activities and fulfill our duties as a publicly listed company. We do not characterize these issues as a dichotomy but a possibility for us to coordinate with all stakeholders to do our part increating a sustainable society.

Process to identify tasks

1. Identify issues to deal with
We broke down the issues into 54 different themes based on various global frameworks.
2. Refine issues to deal with
We evaluated all 54 themes and refined our selection down to 13 based on their relevancy to BEENOS.
3. Survey stakeholders
We surveyed stakeholders, including employees and shareholders, on the 13 themes to help identify the 8 material sustainability issues that are of the highest priority.
4. Determine priority issues
The 8 issues were approved by the board of directors on 27 January 2022.
5. Comprehend/disclose current status of issues
We will assess and evaluate the status of each issue and disclose them in a timely manner.
6. Set/disclose goals
We will set goals for each issue, accompanied by an action plan.
7. Disclose countermeasures and progress
We will disclose the action plan and report the progress of each issue, as needed, on our website.

Sustainability Organization

BEENOS Sustainability Promotion Structure