Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

1. Social Media Policy

The BEENOS Group (the "Group") will comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules governing the operation of its official social media accounts, and will endeavor to appropriately disseminate information. The Group will strive to provide appropriate information considering the following rules.

Social media refers to media in which an unspecified number of users disseminate, share, and form information. Specifically, domestic and overseas online bulletin boards, blogs, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, streaming services such as YouTube and online forums and questionnaire sites, etc.

2. Purpose of use of social media

The Group conducts communications activities through social media with the aim of enabling as many customers as possible to learn about the Group.

3. Attitude for participation in social media

Employees working in the Group understand that communication using social media are open to the world and are accessible to many unspecified customers, and that posted information cannot be revoked from the Internet. When participating in social media, the Group will take the following into consideration and act in good faith so that it can be esteemed as trustworthy.

  • ・The Group will comply with internal rules and regulations based on laws and human rights policies established by the Group, and will be responsible for the content of its communication.
  • ・The Group will endeavor to provide useful information to customers.
  • ・The Group will comply with the obligation of confidentiality and will not disclose any information that may be obtained in the course of its business, such as personal information, customer information, or customer information.
  • ・When misleading or misleading information is transmitted, errors that are recognized will be corrected promptly.
  • ・The Group will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and other parties without infringing them.

4. Information and Requests

  • Information from social media does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information due to the characteristics of social media. For the official views and announcements of the Group, please refer to the Group's website and IR news/press releases.
  • Please note that information on social media is current at the time of transmission and is subject to change thereafter
  • Please be aware that the Group may not respond to comments submitted by users.