About Us

BEENOS is a compound word constructed to literally mean “Beehive”, as we took the English word “Bee” and combined it with the Japanese word for “hive”.
Bees represent sustainability by bringing prosperity to everything they co-exist with. Like bees, we wish create a platform that connects information, material objects, global businesses and the people of the world.

We aim to connect Japan with the World
on the Global Platform Frontier

We work on the front lines of creating new markets and platforms on a global scale

Discoverdomestic products and contents
Value Cycle/Retailing and Licensing
  • Strengthen the domestic trade network
  • Find and develop contents with potential
  • Fortify domestic EC with promising contents
  • Fortify PR, product planning and developmental power
Advancethe world's trading market
Cross Border
  • Amplify domestic partnerships
  • Strengthen International public relations
  • Create a system using big data that will pick up signs of upcoming trends
  • Fortify cooperative efforts with platforms including invested companies
  • Construct a vertical service with high usability
Expandthe trading network across the globe
  • Invest and cultivating the "Next China" marketplace
  • Invest and cultivating a vertical marketplace
  • Connect foreign and domestic products
  • Construct a healthy B to B network