Tokyo, Japan - 10 October 2023 - BEENOS Inc. (BEENOS) and its subsidiaries, have achieved a significant milestone in their Global Commerce business by supporting over 5,000 cases*2 of domestic companies in Cross Border E-Commerce (CBEC). This accomplishment has been facilitated by services including 'Buyee', a proxy purchasing service for international customers, and 'Buyee Connect', which allows Japanese companies to easily convert their domestic EC sites into global platforms by integrating a specialized tag. Additionally, BEENOS aids with listing and selling on major platforms across various countries.

BEENOS Group’s Cross Border E-Commerce Services
■Achieving Over 5,000 Cases in Promoting Globalization of Japanese E-Commerce
 Since launching the package forwarding service "" in 2008, the BEENOS Group has been a pioneer in supporting the global sales of Japanese EC, marking the beginning of Japan's CBEC era. With a mission to globalize all Japanese EC, the Group strives to remove obstacles to global expansion, such as language barriers, payment issues, and logistical challenges, offering comprehensive, one-stop solutions. The Group also tailors its services to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by domestic companies. This includes operating "Buyee," a CBEC proxy purchasing service, and helping set up stores on international marketplaces and conducting overseas promotions.
 The CBEC market has experienced rapid growth, further accelerated by the global stay-at-home measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is projected to reach a market size of 7.938 trillion US dollars by 2030*3.

 The market expansion for CBEC was significantly boosted in 2022, partly due to the yen's depreciation, seen as advantageous for overseas expansion. This shift cemented the notion that Global EC is becoming the norm. Recognizing this trend, in June 2022, the fees for implementation and monthly service of "Buyee Connect" were waived. As a result, inquiries for "Buyee Connect" soared past 2,100 in 2022. Additionally, with the full-scale revival of inbound tourism in 2023, CBEC is increasingly viewed as a strategy for encouraging repeat purchases among tourists visiting Japan.
 To meet growing demands from "Buyee Connect" adopters for insights into data analysis, sales increase strategies and effective social media management, the "Global Concierge Service" was introduced in April 2023. This service offers eight menus including promotional support and group sessions, beyond traditional dashboard functions. It has gained popularity for its regular networking, learning events and marketing support aimed at inbound tourists. Adoption of the Global Concierge Service surged 3.7 times in its launch in April 2023 and 4.6 times by September 2023, compared to October 2022, when the traditional dashboard was updated*4.

 Consequently, the demand for both the globalization of Japanese companies' own EC sites via Buyee and Buyee Connect, as well as for promotional support and assistance in listing on overseas marketplaces, has grown. This surge in demand led to the BEENOS Group exceeding a cumulative total of 5,000 CBEC support cases by October 2023.

[Interview of Companies using Buyee Connect]

■Boosting Convenience for Global Users and Widening Market Reach for Japanese Companies
 The CBEC proxy purchasing service "Buyee," operated by the BEENOS Group, streamlines the challenges of language, payment, and logistics in one comprehensive solution, creating a risk-free pathway for Japanese companies to expand globally. This service not only addresses the global expansion hurdles for Japanese companies but also focuses on enhancing the shopping experience for international customers, contributing to the broader distribution of Japanese products. In June 2023, Buyee was recognized for the second time as the number one service in total GMV in CBEC*5. As of 3Q FY2023, its total GMV saw a 22.8% increase compared to the previous fiscal year*6.
 In September 2023, Buyee introduced "Buyee Economy Hong Kong," a delivery service starting at 588 JPY, offering pickup options at designated stores in Hong Kong, in addition to home delivery. This initiative aims to reduce shipping costs and enhance convenience by adapting to local delivery practices. Language-wise, Buyee expanded its supported languages from 10 to 18, enabling customers from diverse regions to shop in their native languages.
The BEENOS Group is committed to evolving continually as the most convenient CBEC service for both international customers and Japanese companies. Its ongoing goal is to eliminate the barriers to global expansion and establish a norm where Japanese E-Commerce sites effortlessly integrate with international markets. This dedication supports the sustainable growth and global reach of Japanese companies.

■For Japanese Companies Interested in Expanding into the Global Market (BeeCruise Inc.)

■Buyee's Support for International Sales
◆Diverse Payment Options: PayPal, Alipay, Union Pay, Credit Cards, AFTEE (for Taiwan)
◆Extensive Shipping Choices: DHL, EMS, SAL, FedEx, International parcels, sea mail, etc.
◆Exclusive Guarantee Services: Buyee inspection, Shipping insurance services
◆Protection Against Fraudulent Payments: No risk to EC site from fraudulent payments and secured by Buyee’s purchase assistance
◆Multilingual Website Accessibility: Supports 18 languages
Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Malay, Polish, Vietnamese, Burmese 
*1 The total annual GMV from Japan to international individual customers on major cross-border e-commerce sites, including "Buyee," from period of October 2021 to September 2022, as reported by Tokyo Shoko Research in June 2023.
*2 The cumulative number of support cases by the BEENOS Group through services such as "Buyee" (, "Buyee Connect" (, dashboard provision, CBEC related services "" (, and support for listing on international marketplaces, including marketing and promotional support, as of October 2023.
*3 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "Fiscal Year 2022 Market Survey on Electronic Commerce," p.103,
*4 A comparison between the number of companies using the dashboard as of October 2022 and the cumulative number of companies that adopted the Global Concierge Service as of April and September 2023
*5 Total GMV from Japan to international individual customers on major CBEC sites, including "Buyee," from October 2021 to September 2022, according to Tokyo Shoko Research as of June 2023.
*6 A year-over-year comparison of Buyee's total GMV from January 1 to June 30, 2023.

【About BEENOS】
Company Name: BEENOS Inc.
Representative: Shota Naoi, President and Group CEO
Location: 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: November 1999
Capital: 2,775 million JPY