Tokyo, Japan - 20 November 2023 - BEENOS Inc. (BEENOS), through its subsidiary BEENOS Entertainment Inc. (BEENOS Entertainment), a proponent of the entertainment industry's digital transformation (DX), is proud to announce that its E-Commerce site building service "Groobee," has produced 100 websites and reached 420,000 users. In celebration of this milestone, BEENOS Entertainment is sharing its insights into Groobee's usage and its most popular product categories.
 Launched in January 2021, Groobee is tailored for artists, anime, and character content, offering features optimized for entertainment related E-Commerce sites. It enables the creation of brand-specific sites and mall-type expansions for multiple artists or content at no initial cost. Groobee includes operational outsourcing based on its extensive expertise as a SaaS solution. Presently, 69% of Groobee sites utilize its operational services, appreciating its all-encompassing support in sales, updates, creative production, customer service, logistics, and international sales. Groobee’s operations are adept at managing large-scale logistics, capable of shipping up to 20,000 items in a single day.
 Additionally, Groobee is integrated with "Buyee Connect," a free international purchasing service by the BEENOS Group. This integration facilitates seamless entry into Cross Border E-Commerce with a simple tag, making products available in 118 countries and regions worldwide. Having assisted various artists, celebrities, idols, and IPs in connecting with fans through over 100 E-Commerce sites, Groobee remains dedicated to enhancing its features, improving services and contributing to the vibrant E-Commerce landscape. It stands as a driving force in energizing the entertainment industry and propelling entertainment DX forward.


Artists/Companies using Groobee


Breakdown of Groobee Usage

・69% of the 420k users are women
 Groobee, a service dedicated to developing and managing e-commerce sites with a focus on entertainment, has surpassed 420,000 members. A significant aspect of its user base is the high proportion of female users, who constitute 69% of the total membership, compared to 24% of male users. This trend aligns with various survey findings that suggest women are more inclined to support favorite entertainers or franchises, a pattern that is clearly mirrored in Groobee's user demographics.
“Groobee” Membership Data Compiled as of September 2023
Based on Registration Responses

・Majority of E-Commerce sites are Artists/Celebrities and Anime/IP related
 Regarding the genre distribution for E-Commerce sites created using Groobee, artists/celebrities represent 38%, while anime/IP make up 36%. This suggests that genres with robust merchandise development and dedicated fanbases keen on collecting items are especially active in establishing E-Commerce sites. Other genres account for 20% of these sites, with sports-related sites comprising 6%.
“Groobee” created Websites by Genre as of September 2023
・Genre with the highest average purchase value is Artists/Celebrities at 10,002 JPY
 On Groobee, the artists/celebrities category leads in average purchase value, with an average of 10,002 JPY per transaction. This figure surpasses the overall average purchase value across all shops, which is 9,463 JPY. This trend indicates a robust spending inclination among fans who support their favorite artists and celebrities. The average purchase values are 8,154 JPY for anime/IP, 8,093 JPY for other genres, and 7,478 JPY for sports-related items.
"Groobee" Sales by Genre, Calculated as of September 2023
・Artists/Celebrities category has the highest rate of repeat users at 35%
 Among the top 10 shops with the most repeat customers, those who have purchased more than twice, 80% fall within the artists/celebrities category, followed by anime/IP at 20%. Across all genres, the average repeat rate is 27%, with artists/celebrities at the forefront with 35%. Other genres have a repeat rate of 11%, followed by anime/IP at 10%, and sports at 8%. This data clearly shows that the artists/celebrities category significantly outperforms the average in terms of repeat purchase rate.
"Groobee" Repeat Purchase Rates by Genre, Calculated as of September 2023
・Merch lineup include goods sold at live events, apparel and practical items
 The range of products available for sale on Groobee is diverse, encompassing live event merchandise such as lights, T-shirts, and fans, along with a variety of goods and practical items. These include acrylic stands, neck straps, puzzles, hair clips, and rubber IC pass cases. Additionally, the selection also features collectible items, catering to a wide array of preferences and interests.
Selection of Products Sold on "Groobee" Production Sites as of September 2023
・Venue Pickup Service cuts distribution time by 50%!
 At major music events, the "Venue Pickup Service" has transformed the customer experience by eliminating long wait times in lines. Before its implementation, product distribution and payment processing at the venue took about 3-4 minutes per customer. Now, this time is halved to approximately 1.5-2 minutes, significantly streamlining the shopping process.

・Entertainment Gacha averages 22 draws per user
 The "Entertainment Gacha," a lottery-style sales method, is now active across 30 titles. This engaging approach has gained popularity, with users averaging 22 draws each.

・Specialized features enhance entertainment experience
 Groobee's array of entertainment-specific features includes on-demand goods manufacturing, allowing fans to create their merchandise, and a bonus lottery feature ideal for products with drawing benefits. Beyond merchandise, Groobee also handles CDs, BDs, and DVDs. As sales from Groobee sites contribute to Oricon rankings, being designated as cooperative stores for research, the platform significantly impacts the entertainment industry.

Groobee’s Support System
Groobee ( offers a zero initial cost site-building service, featuring tools specifically designed for entertainment content such as artists, anime, and IP. It provides all-encompassing support covering website creative design, customer service and logistics. Groobee facilitates not only the creation of individual e-commerce sites for specific content but also supports the development of mall-type e-commerce platforms for multiple artists or IP holders. It offers flexible solutions for existing e-commerce platforms as SaaS.

Additionally, Groobee's integration with BEENOS Group's proxy purchasing business, "Buyee" (, enables global access, allowing products to be purchased from 118 countries and regions. This feature extends the reach of Japanese entertainment to a worldwide audience, showcasing the versatility and global appeal of the Groobee platform.

Feature Introduction 1: Venue Pickup Service
Groobee's Venue Pickup Service lets customers collect their pre-purchased items directly at the event venue. This innovative service removes the inconvenience of long queues for merchandise which lightens the load for fans. Merchandise orders can be placed in advance or even on the day of the event, with customers selecting their pickup time and completing payment sans the wait. This not only enriches the fan experience at events but also streamlines operations for organizers, mitigating staffing challenges. Furthermore, this service can function independently of an E-Commerce site, providing a standalone venue pickup option for various events.

Feature Introduction 2: 'Entertainment Gacha'
Groobee enables companies and artists to integrate an online “Gacha (random draw)” feature into their official E-Commerce sites. This feature is perfect for selling limited edition and collectible merchandise. It simplifies inventory management for random items and special effects, reducing the need for external tools and user registration for client companies.
The BEENOS Group leverages its proficiency in gacha features by offering customizable options to create captivating fan experiences, aligning with client needs and providing an enjoyable shopping experience.

Feature Introduction 3: Special Prize Draw Feature
The Special Prize Draw Feature on Groobee enhances the shopping experience by offering products linked to prize draws. When customers purchase these items, they can immediately check for any prizes won by visiting the order history on their My Page. This feature amplifies the excitement and engagement of purchasing, allowing customers to instantly discover their prize draw results, thus adding an extra thrill to their shopping experience.

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About BEENOS Entertainment
BEENOS Entertainment leverages the BEENOS Group's three core strengths - 'experience', 'network', and 'accumulation of data', along with innovative 'technology', to facilitate the digital transformation (DX) and globalization of the entertainment industry. The company is dedicated to enriching the entertainment sector, a field that has inspired countless individuals, through the application of cutting-edge technology. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, including content creators, artists, event venues, and event organizers, BEENOS Entertainment is focused on contributing to the growth and revenue expansion of Japan's entertainment industry.

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Company Name: BEENOS Entertainment Inc.
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