BeeCruise Inc. ( hereinafter referred to as “BeeCruise” ), which is a subsidiary of BEENOS Inc. ( TSE First Section: 3328 ) and supports the overseas expansion of cross-border e-commerce and Japanese content, is currently exhibiting products from Aomori Prefecture's official store on the e-commerce site “Buyee” in cooperation with the prefectural government. The company is taking off half the shipping price in a promotional campaign from February 3 (Wed.) to February 10 (Wed.) in order to bring the wonderful qualities of Aomori to Taiwanese customers and break through the difficulties of the current coronavirus pandemic.

In the online exhibition, many admirable apple-based products from Aomori, the “Apple Kingdom of Japan,” will be available for purchase, such as apple juice, jam and sweets. A variety of other local specialty goods that are the pride of Aomori, a famed fishing region surrounded by the sea on three sides, are available, such as scallop snacks, processed fishery products like freshwater clams and mackerel as well as “sake” rice wine and tea, along with rice, woodworks, glass crafts, and ceramics. Please take this chance to give the delicious local foods and beautiful crafts of Aomori a try, and enjoy the feeling of taking a trip during the remote lifestyle of consumers.

The end of the new wave of coronavirus infections is not yet in sight, but BeeCruise hopes that this product exhibition will introduce Taiwanese customers to the best aspects of Aomori culture, and inspire them to visit Aomori hopefully in the future.

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Promotion overview:

- Coupons for 50% shipping cost discount
Promotion period: February 3 (Wed.) - February 10 (Wed.), 2021
Details: Issuance of a coupon halving the shipping cost from Japan

- Coupons for 300 yen discount from purchase price
Period: December 24 (Thurs.), 2020 - March 31 (Wed.), 2021
Note: If the number of issued coupons reaches the upper limit, this period may be subject to change.
Details: Issuance of a coupon for 300 yen discount from the purchase price

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