Tokyo, Japan - 14 March 2022- BEENOS Inc. (BEENOS) announced that they have donated a total of 10 million JPY to assist the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and the refugees that have fled to neighboring countries. This donation was conducted through the Certified NPO Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) who specialize in saving the lives of families and children, providing necessities and aiding in relief efforts during emergencies.

Furthermore, Defactostandard, Ltd., a BEENOS subsidiary, also plans to add PWJ as one of their donation partners on Brandear’s, the apparel reuse business, “Brandear Charity Program ( Donations to PWJ will go directly to the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Users can choose to donate a portion of the proceeds they make from selling their brand-named items to Brandear through the “Brandear Charity Program.”

PWJ has dispatched staff to Poland, which neighbors Ukraine, on 26 February to assess the situation and liaise with partnered organizations in Ukraine. They have sent medical supplies to about 20 hospitals and medical clinics in Kyiv, the capital city. They have also conducted other efforts such as dispatching staff to Moldova to send relief supplies to evacuation centers and preparing to send medical supplies to other parts of Ukraine. Donations will be used to provide necessities to those in evacuation centers in Ukraine and neighboring countries, providing mental health care support for children and for all efforts to preserve the lives and safety of the people in the inflicted areas.

Sending medical supplies and food to the refugees who have fled Ukraine is of the highest priority. The BEENOS Group conducts its business activities with people all over the world. Their proxy purchasing service, Buyee, sends Japanese products to customers living in 118 countries and regions. BEENOS is on the global platform frontier to connect Japan with the world. As a business that conducts its business globally, BEENOS cannot overlook the threats upon human life that is taking place. BEENOS prays for the conflict to be resolved quickly and that world peace could be restored. BEENOS will continue to consider ways to assist those in need.

【About Certified Specified Non-profit Organization Peace Winds Japan】
Peace Winds Japan is a non-governmental organization founded in 1996 in Hiroshima, Japan that is dedicated to the support of people in distress, and threatened by conflict, poverty or other turmoil They have provided relief in over 35 countries and regions as well as working to solve social issues that are domestic to Japan.

Company Name: Certified Specified Non-profit Organization Peace Winds Japan
Representative: Kensuke Onishi, Chairperson/CEO
Location: 1161-2 , Chikada, Jinsekikogen-cho, Hiroshima, Japan
Founded: February 1996

【About BEENOS】
Company Name: BEENOS Inc.
Representative: Shota Naoi, President and Group CEO
Location: 4-7-35 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded: November 1999
Capital: 2,775 million JPY